Pearls of fortitude

The devotee of God does not know how to get defeated by struggles.The storm of struggles has come to give momentum to your life.Surrender not to struggle but to God. Remove fear from your mind, the relevance of struggles will get diminished by itself.


This is a joke that I read somewhere so would like to share it

How i learned to mind my own bussiness

I was walking past the mental hospital    the other day. All the patients were shouting 13…13…13…

The fence was to high to see over. But I saw a gap between the planks so looked through to see what was going on.

Some idiot poked me in the eye and they all starded shouting 14..14…14

Fear the fear

Does every star twinkle as every other star?  As I walk in the tunnel darkness perpetuates, the stone rattle and my heavy breath is all what I hear . I walk in silence just to be set away free. The beam on the other side catches my eye and a lasting smile spreads on my face.

 My feet feels light ,my eyes shine like Sirius,my bosom heaves as I run to the other side dreaming to touch the sky. Far I am, the distance seems the same. Soon I realise, the train approach a shrill cry. 

My heart bounces as if it would pierce my chest. My pupil grows as if it would widen my eyes. I shiver as if I would sweat out the reality. 

A splash of blood washes the tunnels wall. An indistinct corpse lies on the rail track. The story of my life is written on the tunnel wall ,it  will never be read ,recalled or remembered. The book has been closed forever. My high spirits have lost their voice ,my face unseen,my existence questioned ,my dreams murdered. 

If anyone had told me that that I was wearing a diamond pendant whose sparkle seemed the beam and my insane mind itself wrote the story of my end. May be I should have reflected on the inner side.